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Integrative Human Biochemistry

Integrative Human Biochemistry – A Textbook for Medical Biochemistry”,

By Andrea T. Da Poian and Miguel A. R. B. Castanho (Collaboration between iMM and UFRJ)

2nd Edition, Springer (New York, USA), 2021

– “Integrative Human Biochemistry” has a pedagogical approach to the training in medical biochemistry and contributes to the scientific literacy not only of students but also of everyone that loves science and research, taking the legacy of NOVIRUSES2BRAIN far beyond the project itself.

– This book describes how the scientific method is applied (showing historical cases), how scientific research progresses (giving several examples of drug research) and how it surrounds us in the simplest things of our daily lives, without neglecting scientific rigor.

– Additionally, this edition includes 30 challenging practical case studies based on movies, novels, biographies, documentaries, paintings, and other cultural and artistic creations far beyond academic exercises.