NOVIRUSES2BRAIN: A project to develop drugs capable of crossing physiological barriers to attack viruses

NOVIRUSES2BRAIN team, represented by David Andreu and Toni Todorovski, researchers at MELIS-UPF, gave an interview at Ellipse magazine. During this interview they talked about the main goal of the project, which is to develop a drug capable of attacking viruses that reach the brain and cross the placenta; highlighted how important it is for our …
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5th Periodic Working Meeting

On December 12th, the NOVIRUSES2BRAIN consortium met for the 5th Periodic Working Meeting. The team evaluated the latest results obtained from the in vitro and in vivo studies and discuss the further steps.

World Science Day

As part of the World Science Day, Prof. Miguel Castanho shared his vision of science in Portugal in the Be Inspired section of Boehringer Ingelheim. (Interview with Prof. Miguel Castanho in Portuguese)

Toni Todorovski talk

Toni Todorovski from UPF was invited to deliver a talk at the MELIS scientific seminar entitled: “Peptide-porphyrin conjugates: A new class of antivirals effective against brain-residing viruses.”

The International Day Against Climate Change

As mentioned above, there is the picture below with the result of our action. After one month, we collected a considerable amount of plastic which will be properly recycled and hopefully re-used for other products. We keep collecting the plastic and avoiding the single-used plastic, wherever is possible. Taking care of our planet while doing …
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The European Researchers’ Night

The European Researchers’ Night (ERN) at the Champalimaud Foundation, brought together by RAISE – Researchers in Action for Inclusion in Science and Education, a consortium composed by iMM, the Champalimaud Foundation, and the NGO Native Scientist, with the prime goal of reaching members of the society that are left out or feel detached from science. …
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World Pregnant Day

On World Pregnant Day, VISÃO spoke with Miguel Castanho, coordinator of the NOVIRUSES2BRAIN project, which aims to “develop a unique antiviral drug capable of reaching the brain, protecting it” Article in Portuguese.

36th European and the 12th International Peptide Symposium

The 36th European and the 12th International Peptide Symposium was held at Sitges (Barcelona), Spain and covered a broad range of topics related with the advances in peptide chemistry and structure, bioactive peptides and their therapeutic applications, and peptide biomaterials, nanotechnology and delivery. The NOVIRUSES2BRAIN team represented by Vera Neves, Christine Oliveira and Salomé Veiga …
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3rd Anniversary of NOVIRUSES2BRAIN

The three years of NOVIRUSES2BRAIN: An ambitious project and a hope for the clinic! “To develop a single drug to simultaneously eradicate multiple virus species from the central nervous system of co-infected individuals.” This is the mission of a group of scientists led by Professor Miguel Castanho, from the Instituto de Medicina Molecular João Lobo …
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World Mosquito Day

In Portugal, mosquitoes are more frequent in summer due to high temperatures. Because of climate change, it is expected that, in the future, there will be “new species of mosquitoes” in Southern Europe and Portugal will be no exception. To TSF, Miguel Castanho, from the Institute of Molecular Medicine, admits that “we cannot exclude that …
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